Wax Mekanix gets “Blunt”.

“Head” 4.6/5 BARKS.*

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Wax Mekanix immediately had my attention, with profound lyrics, and heavy music it leaves you salivating for more.

While Wax Mekanix newest EP Blunt teases only four songs, each sound has its own powerful, signature. Leaving you with the impression that you were invited to hear the inner workings of a mind. Politically charged and woke, Blunt leaves you left with the ability to answer your own questions.

In the song, “Head” we get an alternative take to the ever bitter “Us vs Them” saga, and we finally hear someone saying, “On all sides, we’re being politically and socially manipulated.”. It’s appreciated because even on the most underground of underground music we can’t escape an artist’s left vs right political bias.

I found “Head” to have the vocal stylings of, A Perfect Circle while being humble enough to speak to their audience as if we are intellectual equals not, ignorant pupils. A cinematically written song, you’re entertained, wanting more, and also horrified at what you’re learning.

We’re already being torn apart by left vs. right, and it’s a breath of fresh air to not have to be a victim of that briefly. Even if the song itself is still political.

Head” has an authentic, yet worldly sound. The guitar and drums work to sound exotic but capture your attention without distracting from lyrics. Will gladly listen to Wax Mekanix again.

Wax Mekanix can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.
Wax Mekanix can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

*We rate music on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being horseshit and 5 being fantastic. Our mascot is a dog, and that mother fucker BARKS.

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