Yabba gets us in our feels.

“No Christmas” 4.1/5 BARKS.*

If it’s anything we’re a sucker for, it’s intellectual music. If you can walk away from a song or an album and reflect on yourself or experiences you’ve had, a piece of music has walked with you through that.

Similar to footprints in the sand, but a little more personal and somehow more tangible.

Yabba’s music is enjoyable, palatable, and also uncomfortable. As art should be. “No Christmas” has an honest tone, with a competitive beat. Yabba reaches into her soul and leaves it on the table for us to digest. She’s done the work, this is the result. Sit with it as she has sat with it.

I let her entire catalog play through, not a single check for a time, or check to see how many songs were left, I just let her music wash over, and say what it needed to say.

Yabba has staying power, both in freestyle and vocals. There is little interference with auto-tune, you can tell of an audible talent Yabba operates with partially in tracks like “Bad Thoughts“, “Talk Alot [sic]” “Memories” and “Pain Away“. With that talent you’ll notice two common themes, the first being the genuine error of underestimating Yabba. The second, life is fucking difficult, and processing it is not joyful but it’s necessary.

I do wish, there was more in the catalog, it’s hard to access artist growth with so little to go off of. I predict the occasional clumsiness of lyrical placement will smooth out over time. For now, I guess we’ll have to just enjoy what we have from her.

Yabba‘s “No Christmas” is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Pandora.
Yabba can be found on Instagram, and Twitter.

Yabba is an artist who reached out to us on Reddit when we asked for artists who were open to having their music rated and reviewed. All of our reviews are unbiased.

*We rate music on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being not great, 5 being incredible. We do this because we are sassy, sassy lil bb boiz.

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