Soraia is the heart of indie punk.

“My Sharona” 5/5 BARKS.*

I’ll be honest with you, I met Soraia 2013 at Hebe’s Cafe in a small town in New Jersey. I heard rumblings of them but never had the opportunity to listen to them.

As they took to the stage that night to belt out their hit “(I’m Not) Like Everybody Else.” everything changed. I was mesmerized, the ever charismatic ZouZou Mansour exuded such confidence and boldness on the stage that was fiercely magnetic, and currently unmatched. I rushed home, looked up guitar lessons near me, and fell in love with that journey.

To this day, when the world crumbles, I crack open that case and begin playing again. There have been a few times when the world has since crumbled for me, and I thank them for sparking the initial curiosity to ultimately find the peace shredding brings.

Now to the meat and potatoes of it all; We don’t usually review covers, but I feel in Soraia’s case, it’s different. Their unique yet recognizable sound tunes to their advantage, and familiar songs you’ve known all your life you suddenly hear for the first time all over again.

Soraia’s cover of “My Sharona” is a bold, boisterous, lusty, interpretation while also authentic to the original. Listening to this song not only puts your brain into a time machine; it also requires your full focus and attention. Which is natural to give when it comes to the flawless musical pairings Travis Smith (guitars) and Brianna Sig (drums) bring to the table.

There is no critical critique I can think of presenting to our readers about “My Sharona” or Soraia. While I’m a fan of their original releases; to deny myself and you the opportunity to discover Soraia’s dope covers would be criminal.

Soraia is streaming on Spotify, Apple, and Pandora.
You can follow Soraia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

*We review music in an unprofessional manner using a scale of 1 to 5. We do this because we enjoy power. Also, we like dogs.

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