Hello Luna emerges from the static.

Into Static 5/5 BARKS.*

When I was younger I used to go to a gig space, for open mics, and I used to chill with the musicians and other acts. That electricity is a memory I hold near and dear to this day. There I was, in some bum fuck town** in New Jersey in the same room as local musicians with such talent and grit. They were all fighting hard to get past the tri-state area and into the great unknown.

Welcome to the great unknown. Hello Luna has been here for quite some time. Where Hello Luna goes that other bands similar to them have yet to properly tap into, is a darker space while still managing to hold your attention with attainable lyrics. In other words, the lyrics are still approachable and easily understood. While the music that’s playing accurately captures the tone of said lyrics. It isn’t scary to get to those dark places with Hello Luna or to explore those feelings because Hello Luna is telling you they’ve been through the same thing.

I respect, and I value any band that is capable of being approachable and yet still fucking rock-n-roll.

Think of Hello Luna as what Paramore could have been if they didn’t swing into pop summer vibes. Or if the mid-2000’s never happened to No Doubt. Both of those things were easily avoidable by those two bands (I doubt they regret their moves.) but, as Hello Luna is proving to me, it is possible to keep a slightly heavier, darker tone with some great lyrics and manage to have staying power.

While the easy guess would be to claim Hello Luna will remain in their scene in Ohio comfortably, I could not disagree more. Hello Luna while aggressive captures the methodic and melodic. all things the current alt-pop-rock music scene needs more of. It’s not always rainbows, but behind the cruelties of love, life, and the world, it is beautiful. Hello Luna taps into that flawlessly.

Their latest album which releases this Friday the 28th “Into Static” is what you play on long solo car trips at night, or in a packed car with your friends and a full tank of gas. Easily translatable, and forever fresh, “Into Static” is charming, refined, palatable, and real. While I’ve said it this whole segment, I feel I must say again; Hello Luna masters this act with not only their use of organic instruments but their grasp on production value.

My favorite track on the upcoming album is not only Mind Games, but the title track: Into Static. Such Flyleaf*** vibes in the most organic of ways. With less uncomfortable preaching, and more of a humanistic approach of course.

Hello Luna can be heard on: SpotifyApple Music, and YouTube

Hello Luna can be found on: InstagramTikTokTwitterFacebook

*Heavy Brutus rates music on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being not good. 5 being fucking great. Our mascot is a dog, so…that explains the BARKS. of it all.

**I’m actually incredibly proud of New Jersey. Phil Murphy’s rad af.

***Flyleaf and certain members of Flyleaf have said and done some pretty, not cool things. I just happen to find an audible correlation between Hello Luna and Flyleaf. Speaking of Flyleaf, if you’re experiencing negative self-view, suicidal thoughts, or ideations because of any misfired brainless anecdote anyone ANYWHERE has said to you, please reach out to NAMI and talk to someone, there is always someone ready to listen to you, and there is always someone who has been in your shoes, shirt, closet, etc.

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