Brandon Sonnet challenges your idea of music.

“Real Big” 4.1/5 BARKS.*

We’ve recently reached out on Reddit, and asked for musical artists who would like their music to be reviewed on Heavy Brutus. Our reviews are always honest, so a few of these budding friendships didn’t last long, but of all of these musicians who contacted us, Brandon Sonnet is one of the ones who intrigued us the most.

His library isn’t that large, but it boasts a sound truly unmatched. Brandon Sonnet is hitting into what many unknown, unsigned electronic musicians are missing.


This sounds like a basic concept but while having a conversation with a separate musician about the difficulties of remaining polite but also honest in reviews, we touched on how easy it can be to get wrapped up in marketing a song and wanting the audience before the album. Brandon Sonnet doesn’t do this. You get the feeling from his 2020 album Odessey while it isn’t the best electronic music we’ve heard, it is in fact HIS and he took time to create something HE enjoys and specializes in. Thankfully this isn’t about 2020’s Odessey this is about his 2021 song “Real Big“. It has Brandon’s signature soft autotune vocals and spacey robotic beats paired with reggaeton. This song has Latin flare and tones that we haven’t had much of a chance to celebrate in the ’20s (y’know…COVID.) we haven’t had much of a reason to get up and dance or even go out and dance but listening to this song…we clearly do. While I love “Real Big” I can honestly say I wasn’t completely in love with Odessey. It sounded like he was a young musician it’s very young sounding, but in that sound, I heard the potential of greatness which I heard in “Real Big“.

Brandon Sonnet’s overall music is great for study sessions, soundtracks, scores, and astral projection (kidding about that last one…or am I?). I do know that much of it is sexy sounding, with fun hooks and beat drops. It’s all about the beat drop.

Brandon is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Band Camp.
Brandon Sonnet can be reached at Twitter.

HE HAS A NEW SINGLE COMING OUT ON FEB. 4TH! You can read all about it on his Spotify and Band Camp.

*We rate music 1-5 on a scale known as BARKS. 1 being not good 5 is spectacular.

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