Orikal Uno wants you to grab a 40 with him and just kick it.

“DRIP” (from the upcoming album: SPELLBOUND): 5/5 BARKS.*

When I lived in St Paul Minnesota, it was both the most chaotic time of my life and the best time. Chaotic, because I was involved with the worst types of people; and the best, because for the first time in my life, I had gotten away from my home state long enough to develop my own personality, drive, and worldview. It was important for me to get out, just as it was severely important for me to come back.

I can’t describe what living in St Paul was like (objectively.). It was indescribable. It was a cool art-filled, genuinely accepting area, that just loved any come-up story.

However, nothing beats the feeling of East Coast acceptance, where you have to work for it, but once you have it it’s unconditional. I lay my Jersey bias aside for a moment…

Remember skating with your friends, no worries, sun was hot, the ripples of the asphalt glow off of the road and while you all complained, you never went back inside. That is Orikal Uno’s sound in “Drip“.

Sophisticated, yet youthful Orikal Uno, provides music that you can bump in your civic or air pods while you kick push. Indicative of the early ’00s but without a dated tone, Orikal Uno’s upcoming album Spellbound eliminates any false pretenses of “Minnesota Nice” and brutally keeps it real. His music reminds me of independence, freedom, and free thought. We know the genre that we’re listening to is hip-hop but by no means are we boxed in because of that.

Orikal Uno, is a true artist. As I’ve mentioned before, we aren’t pigeon-holed by any preconceived labels or ideals when it comes to his music, we are just expansions of it. I (a modern art fan) would compare Orikal to a verbal truth-telling of a poet, but also the mystery of the ever famous Toynbee Tiles of Philadelphia.

While a cynical portion of my brain believes Orikal Uno is a few years behind the skate-rap craze, a much level intellect understands Orikal has always been lightyears ahead of the game in the sense he plays no game and answers to no one.

Orikal can be found on YouTube and on his official BandCamp artist page where he is hosting a raffle, for anyone who pre-orders SPELLBOUND they win the chance at a custom-painted skate deck (fitting) painted by Orikal Uno himself. Winner announced 2/14/2022 at twitch.tv/orikaluno.

*We review and rate music on a scale of 1 to 5 BARKS. 1 is awful. 5 is tight af.

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