Ol Magik is ice cold in ‘SubZero’.

SubZero (Album) 4.9/5 BARKS.*

I got to briefly speak to Ol Magik when he steered me in the direction of his latest album SubZero.** The album goes hard, it’s direct, it’s extravagant. This is the perfect rap album for this winter. Cold and unforgiving. Ol Magik’s sound literally attacks you with its heavy bass, forceful lyrics, references to drugs. While I have a duty to tell you, and everyone else drugs are bad (they are.) but Ol Magik is the kind of music you’d play in your car at 17 when you had nowhere else to cram that angst. Everything sounds so fucking cool.

If you liked early, EARLY, Kotton Mouth Kings but wish they joked significantly less, Ol Magik is for you. The tone of Magik’s voice demands you listen to his message, no matter how little you relate.

That being said,
I don’t know if you heard about Heavy Brutus but we relate pretty easily to the mean streets and having ice game.

In true seriousness, I want to take a moment, and look at the archticture of Ol Magiks album…

Packed into 10 tracks, is a series of pieces sandwiched with both an Intro and an Outro. This doesn’t just tell me Ol’ Magik knows how to tell a story, it tells me he’s consistent. His sound on this album didn’t jump from genre to genre, or mood to mood (which isn’t always a bad thing) it remains consistent in the sense that you are able to listen to each track, blindly, and be well aware it’s Ol’ Magik. This to me is emblematic of a trade mark rapper, and a trade mark sound.
Technically speaking, I do wish that the bass was lower in some tracks, so that the vocals didn’t sound underwater. I do feel that the bass lines are purposefully heavy.

I worry that Ol’ Magik will be lost to the rush and advance of these influencer rappers, who produce an over hype, over jumbled chaotic shit show sound that is deemed “good” solely because of the dishonest funds they insultingly shove into it.

If his reassurance to his fans are any indication of his intention, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

Ol’ Magik can be listened to on streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music and, Amazon.
He can be found on, Twitter and Instagram.

*We rate music on a sliding scale of 1 to 5. 1 being shit. 5 being THE shit. Our mascot is a dog, which is why it’s in BARKS. We’re not astronauts…so nothing is in stars here.

**We made a public post on Reddit looking for music artists, and music they create. Ol’ Magik reached out and told us about his album SubZero. There was no bribery or exchange for any positive rating. He’s that fucking good. We understand how it can look to have an artist obtain such a high rating, but we wanted to be transparent with our readers.

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