Yung Viper…is the virus.

Yung Viper “VIRUS” 1/5 BARKS.*

Yung Viper hails from Oakland CA. So, I knew the sound I was going to get.

Or so I thought.

Yung Viper creates music that teeters on “sp00ky ICP” and “I drink Nyquil for the lulz.” When people make the joke of “He’s a SoundCloud rapper” THIS is what they mean.
I understand I’m breaking my own rule here, so I’m going to ease up.
On his ReverbNation profile, he boasts an album titled “Def of Silence.” which I can only imagine stands for “Definition of Silence.” because the album is ON NO PLATFORM despite being labeled as “Available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon.” This album is nowhere to be found. He also boasts about having his own website. He doesn’t.
There is a Yung Viper that shows up in results on Apple Music, but it clearly isn’t him.

To his benefit, on his Facebook where he’s interacting with people, he seems incredibly kind and levelheaded.

His track “Virus” seems to be experimental, other tracks of his such as “The Realist Somebody.” have a completely different tone and style which is incredibly welcomed.

*BARKS. Is the rating and review scale we use for artists and songs. 1 being the least 5 being the most. Our mascot is a dog. It makes sense.

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