Nessy The Rilla…crossed borders and oceans.

To Whom It May Concern 4/5 BARKS.*

To Whom It May Concern is an album with a narration that demands to be heard. This album grows with each and every track. From track one (of the same name) you are listening to a sound evolve.

I speak about evolving sound a lot on this very young blog, but I feel that evolving sound is important. We will soon grow out of the backing vocals featured in Nessy The Rilla’s track Anxiety but the fact that it is currently on the album is not a bad thing. It’s just a representation of where Nessy The Rilla is at this moment. Much like actual’s fleeting yet intense.

I found the entire album to be enjoyable and cinematic. It was like listening to a Rap Veteran who has been in the game for decades. The album sits well, even at its slightly disorganized moments. Pure entertainment.

There are moments where I wish he would ease off of the autotune because it was making it sound like he was underwater, but the lyrics and accompanying beat are a treat.

On the entire album, I found myself liking Gorgeous the most. It was just dancy, and light.
That being said, allow me to venture off the album briefly…Nessy The Rilla is wicked fucking talented. His feature on ATM by Big Saturn was fire. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ladies and Gentlemen…we’re seeing something form.

Nessy The Rilla has been patient..and he knows it’s his time to explode on the mainstream scene, and I really don’t think he’s going to stop until he does.

You can find Nessy The Rila on SoundCloud, Apple, Spotify, Tidal.
He is also on Instagram and YouTube.

*BARKS. is a system of rating scale Heavy Brutus utilizes. 1 being not good. 5 being flawless. It’s hard to get a 5. Typically people will fall within the high 2’s to mid 3’s.

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