DRAMA brings the drama

“BILLY” 4.6/5 BARKS.*

When I found DRAMA on Twitter and gave them a listen I immediately imagined my girlfriend enjoying their music. Soft, buoyant, yet measured, in the kitchen I imagine her dancing.

DRAMA brings it, their sound is easy flowing and fun. Slightly mainstream, but I feel that is intentional (I’ve had similar gripes before.). I found their song “BILLY” off of their album Gallows to be pretty delightful. These praises being said, their replay value in my opinion strikes me as low. I think they like it that way, they’ll just make more music for you to enjoy.

While the likely hood of their music to make the average person hit repeat is low, their ability to captivate audiences while the songs are playing is divine.

The gut reaction for a first-time listener would be to write them off as a one-trick pony with an overtly commercialized tone, however, I feel I disagree with that. While we have a million and one versions of DRAMA no one can produce the same exact lyrical blessings that Via Rosa can.

You don’t need me to tell you that though.
Just check out their merch store, wiki page etc. They don’t need this blog to tell you to listen to them, they already have their audience.

If you are inclined though, give them a listen.
I did put them on the 😏💋😉 playlist though. Feel me?

*BARKS. is a dope ass system of rating we came up with to tell you how good or bad a song is. 1 is shit. 5 is a hit. You can disagree but you know what? You’re not the dog are you?

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