Reece W is pure “Taste”.

“Gotta Stop” 3.8/5 BARKS.*

Listening to Reece W is like going for a walk in the middle of winter, with your favorite warm coat on, with a matching red scarf, and sometimes Reece W is the scotch in the swanky bar while the gorgeous, tall, brunette locks eyes with you.

Reece W is the first of his kind on Heavy Brutus. He won’t be the last, nor will this be the last time he’s being talked about.

The first song I heard of his was “Gotta Stop” which was like an updated, less self depreciating version of “Loser” by Beck. I was impressed, but it also slightly felt unnatural to him. The next few songs I heard were on shuffle, so, it was neat to hear him in different parts of his life and talent discover his sound. On streaming, his repertoire isn’t very large. Just seven songs (seems to be a theme with artists.). His YouTube has quite a few videos that showcase his talents, but they’re mostly covers or tutorials. Or the goddamn ukulele.

You know, the Ukulele isn’t quite bad, but I had an ex who became fixated on a ukulele from Five Below and poorly went at it for 72 hours straight**, but this isn’t about Lindsey. I digress.

Reece W is a good find, I am a bit discouraged by the length of time between his postings on to Apple or Spotify, I don’t see us ever experiencing a Reece W album, but I see us wanting one really bad.
Even the ukulele stuff.

He has talent, and skill on top of that talent that he has honed brilliantly, and I wish him the best.

Reece W is a mystery man but he can be found on Twitter never. He is also streaming on Spotify with 23 monthly listeners.

*BARKS. is what our mascot Brutus does. Since he’s a dog. It’s also the scale we use to rate songs. 1 BARK. is shit. 5 is bliss.

**When people call me patient, it’s because they’re unaware of the previous hellscape I had to endure. Everything seems easy, when you’re used to living in misery.

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