Big D teaches us that nothing is, Impossible.

Naija Boy EP 2.9/5 BARKS.*

I get to meet a lot of fantastic artists who are just as thrilled I’m writing about them, as I am to be writing about them. Occasionally the music is so bad…it is impossible to rate that low.

Respectfully, Big D is no hindrance. Honest as AbeBig D gives a candid look into his talent and life in his EP Naija Boy. Presenting seven tracks; Big D packs numerous genres and stylings into a tiny package.

There is something about Big D that is easily enjoyable. Maybe it’s the easy-flowing lyrics, WaWa reference, or easily translatable beats. Music with its own life to live.

I cannot help but be proud of Big D. This album took sweat and energy. Two things Big D has no problem producing. You’ll get audible hints of other arts like Big Sean, Derulo, and even old-school Drake. He manages to pull inspiration, yet refrains being a clone or a cheap impersonation. You know you’re listening to Big D and he leaves no room for confusion. 

The interludes were entertaining, whether it’s a voicemail from his girlfriend or a drunken voice memo from a friend. It was youthful, and indicative of his growth ability, as you continued to listen.

Happily, I’ll listen to Big D again.

Big D can be streamed on Apple, Spotify and SoundCloud.

*BARKS. are the way we rate our music. 1 to 5. 1 being trash. 5 being amazing. It’s a cute lil system we created to accompany our rating system that may or may not be arbitrary.

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