An Abstract Fact wants that money…

Four To The Floor (Act A Freak) 4.2/5 BARKS.*

I’ve been attempting to cover multiple genres of music, and I’m so glad I am because An Abstract Fact is an absolute luxury.

Managing to grasp the lure of the 80’s House craze (was it a craze or am I just really cool?) and mash it with new-synth is a feat. We’ve heard people attempt this, but we haven’t heard success on a smaller noncommercialized scale. An Abstract Fact creates our soundtrack, managing to make mundane tasks appealing or even mysterious.

While I immediately felt infatuated with the sound of 2021’s, Four to The Floor (Act Like a Freak). I didn’t match that feeling with Foolish Fears (Remix). By no means is it an objectively bad song, but it is my nightmare.

All jokes aside, I found the emotion An Abstract Fact could invoke in their work. While I didn’t like Foolish Fears (Remix), I did feel something with it.

Piloting someone’s emotions as they listen (or read), is no easy task. Emotions invoked by song don’t even have to be negative or sad, they can be introspective and beautiful which is what I believe An Abstract Fact was going for in their song, Gone For A Midnight Drive.

I found myself listening to it again, and again.

An Abstract Fact continues to teach me musicians of all genres or lyrical stylings are brilliant in their own right. It’s fucking brave to put yourself out there, and I feel music and word are two of the most exposing ways one can do it.

Audibly, I could have used some vocal effects, so that the tone of the voice would blend better with the music being produced. Nonetheless, lyrically, each song has been great.

Now, excuse me…I’m going to go hit up a gross South Jersey Club and act a freak. Maybe strike a pose or two.

An Abstract Fact can be found on Twitter and Instagram.
An Abstract Fact is also streaming on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Deezer.

*We rate and review music using a scale-based system. 1 being the least. 5 being the most. BARKS. is the term for the system we use on account our mascot is a dog.

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