Jake Perez can’t wait til’ the day he makes it.

‘The Day I Make It’ Single: 3.8/5 BARKS.*

Jake Perez is familiar. You’ve heard his sound before, you’ve heard his tone before, and while it may occasionally sound cumbersome, and run the risk of sounding repetitive, you still find things enjoyable about it. Hell, Jake Perez may even have the same story of so many other artists, but he doesn’t give a fuck.

Since starting this blog Jake Perez is one of the first artists I’ve covered who utilizes a wide range of instruments and samples, it’s easy, and light. With the occasional heavy hit of a bass which is apparent in his song, “This is What I Do.”

Jake Perez resides comfortably peddling the familiar story of, “I’m a really great talent. Just you wait. I’m going to blow up.”. I have no doubt in Jake Perez’s ability to produce a hit album within the next five years. Jake belongs in the current conversation, granted it is a conversation we have been having for many years.

When he takes the time in his music to be personal, and remove the veil of boundary; you feel more connected to his music. I wish he did this more often, and I’m not sure why he doesn’t. Perhaps he, like us, enjoy’s comfort. While he openly admits that his common sound, and lyric usage is done on purpose to “stick around” is noble, and honest. It is, albeit slightly disheartening.

I think I’m being harsher on Jake Perez, because he’s giving us small, short glimpses of his potential, while accurately knowing what pays his bills. Jake Perez is a business man, who also creates music. This has been apparent. I can’t hate on someone paying their bills and their their work. As a fan though, I can wish for more.

Give us more.

Jake Perez can be found on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (we caught that, Jake.).
He is streaming his resume on all major streaming platforms.

*We use a scale to rate music, 1 to 5. 1 being not the best. 5 being incredible. It’s difficult to get a 5. I can’t just give those out willy nilly. I’m a dog for fucks sake. What do I look like giving everyone exactly 5 BARKS.? Is this some sort of game to you? Who do you think you are?

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