I firmly believe ACIDGVRL wants to f**k you up.


This blog is new, hell, I am new. So, when I’ve been scouring Twitter looking for underrepresented underplayed artists I was pretty pleased with finding ACIDGVRL or Sxra as I originally was introduced to her.

She’s a producer. Known for making these wavy, acidesque, Anime Wave, light EDM experiences. While her SoundCloud is just her resume of constructed beats, while listening to her work I got the impression this music is also meant to survive on its own. “FUCKED UP OFF THE EC$TACY” is a good listen. It’s heavy, loud, but simulates a rainy summer night when it’s just you in the club in a sea of strangers. Sexual, sweaty and dangerous.

While I do find the multiple SoundCloud accounts to be disorganized and a pitfall for her to gain proper traction, I guess I kind of get it. After all, on the internet, I too am so many people, representing so many things. Following link, to link, to link on Twitter, SoundCloud and the like was almost a joy. The excitement of it wore off pretty quickly. I guess that’s why she’s the artist and I’m the blogger. There’s a line between us the listener and her the artist. We’ve seen this before with Inc Mo (who I posted about earlier). The “You are there and I am here” tone reminds me of Pzeefire. Whom I just posted about. She lets you know this is hers, this is her experience and you’re just there for the ride. You have to respect an artist’s ownership in that.

ACIDGVRL creates hyperfocus music, the kind of music that you put on when you have things to do. She produces the music AND produces you to get off your ass and do shit.

I like ACIDGVRL’s music, for the effort and perfection she puts into it. Nothing about it feels commercialized or mass-produced. I believe she creates because she wants to, and she’s sharing her creations with you because she wants to. There is nothing forced or rushed in anything that she does.

I hope she learns how to harness the experience of her listeners, while her music is worth it; I don’t see the average new listener having a high tolerance for her scavenger hunts. Or the patience to wait for the REAL music to start. There is a time and place for this. Then again, as I’ve said earlier “We’re all along for the ride.”

Find ACIDGVRL on Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube Happy Hunting.

*BARKS. Are the rating system we use. 1 being not great, and 5 being pretty fucking dope. Our Mascot is a dog, a Canaan breed to be exactly, so of CoUrSe our system is in BARKS. Silly.

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