Zacca is undoubted, “No Urkel.”.

Release of 2021’s “Last Night”: 5/5 BARKS.*
Release of “No Urkel”: 4/5 BARKS.*

Zacca’s Music is streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Apple, and SoundCloud

I want to make something crystal clear to you…I purposely opened up a document on my computer and am taking the time to write this. Normally, I like to just write it on Heavy Brutus directly. Not this time. Zacca requires my full attention. I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t wake up this morning with “No Urkel” stuck in my head. Shit, what good is this review going to be if you don’t even know who Zacca is?

Zacca by his own admission fuses together rap with any genre he feels like. I know this to be true by listening to bangers such as “Last Night”, “Asomdwee”, “Buzzing” and “Rebel Road”. The man will stand with the greats in a league of his own.

His voice is hard, gritty, and grainy but at the same time, insanely smooth. His lyrics are boundless.

“No Urkel” is a gift to all of us. Something we can feel confident and sure to. Something we can bump in our car stereos as our friends pile in. The beat is recognizable but sophisticated. This sounds like a song that belongs on American charts, and in the same conversations as some of the best entertainers and musicians we know of.

I think Zacca creates music that I adore so much because oftentimes artists will attempt to fuse genres but it’ll sound clunky and unforgiving. Zacca not only masters the lyrics but the overall vibe and sound.

If you do nothing else when you read this…listen to his music.

Zacca can be found on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud

*All reviews of artists and songs are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 BARKS. 1 is the lowest rating, and 5 is the highest. Our mascot is a dog for Christ’s sake. It makes sense.

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