Ronnie Eriic wants to be your ‘Safe Place’.

‘100 Grand’: 5/5 BARKS. *
‘Rebirth’ (Album): 4.3/5 BARKS. *

I first came across Ronnie Eriic on TikTok he was doing a lyric challenge, I liked his sound so I told him. He is the second artist since starting this blog to not only respond but hit me with a follow back. This, in the grand scheme of things, is no big deal; but I saw it as mutual respect, and I absolutely had to learn more. That’s how I learned he was originally from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. An area I too am familiar with. From Jersey, he moved to Atlanta and formed the coolest named rap group I’ve ever heard of: LOTD (LEADERS OF THE DREAMERS) I mean…damn; That’s powerful.

The first full song I’ve heard from Ronnie Eriic was, ‘100 Grand‘ where I couldn’t help but be in a good mood when the line, “I feel so electric” grabbed me by the shirt, and violently shook me. Ronnie E’s music demands you have a good time, the construction of his albums lay completely appropriately; There is a time and place for everything Ronnie E creates. You may experience every base emotion with a single album of his.

Ronnie Eriic’s music could sit with you while you’re making a nice dinner with the love of your life, taking a relaxing drive, hitting up clubs (safely of course.), wrapping up the after-party…anything. His discography is completely versatile which is refreshing because I feel that a lot of artists will genre hop insincerely. In a world where fly-by-night artists are throwing shit at the walls to see what sticks, Ronnie Eriic knows what works for him, and it works for you too.

Perhaps, being from Jersey myself, I could be biased. However, I cannot help but find his music familiar, and also exhilarating. I remember being in Junior High*** and High School*** and being surrounded by classmates who would either create beats on their desks or freestyle when a teacher was lagging and loving every second of it. I got to sit front and center and see real, raw talent.
I think it’s really easy to look back at those years of our lives and point fun at how impetuous people could be pounding on desks or cafeteria tables, but I can’t help but credit my love for a wide range of music to that time in my life.

Ronnie Eriic takes me back to that because if he wasn’t freestyling, pounding on desks, or tables; he was in my headphones.

Ronnie Eriic can be found on ALL music streaming platforms, along with YouTube and TikTok.

*Our rating scale is in “BARKS.” which ranges from one (1) to five (5). One, being the lowest BARK MARK. and Five being the highest. Yes, I write a new one of these every post. Heavy Brutus’ mascot is a dog, so…it makes sense. Yes…BARKS. is supposed to look like that.

***These were terrible years, paired with many terrible people. Many of those many are still awful. The only difference is we’re now all old and we watched the world shrink the last three years. Funny, what that does to a person. Wear your masks or get vaccinated. Idiots.

Originally, I had listed Ronnie Eriic’s album as “Faith”, I was incorrect. The title of the album is: Rebirth.

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