Ayodrew needs you to listen, ‘Right Now’.

‘RIGHT NOW’: 4.2/5 BARKS.*

Whenever I rate and review an artist or a release by an artist, I listen to their entire published collection (that I have access to) Sometimes, that looks like dancing in my kitchen, headbanging while cleaning, or pretending I’m in a music video. Other times, it looks like me sitting at my kitchen table, arms crossed waiting for it to stop. This does not apply to Ayodrew.
To begin, he’s cute. Not in a sus, “I’m going to wear his skin.” way, but in a “Holy shit…he kind of reminds me of my girlfriend’s cat.”. I love my girlfriend’s cat. She has authority whenever she enters the room, you listen when she meows, and you give her whatever she wants. The same can be said with Ayodrew’s presence on any track. That’s how I felt when I first heard him on, ‘Right Now‘. His talent is refreshing, the sound he produces is professional, crisp, clear, and easy. He doesn’t need you to interpret any second or third meaning behind his words. Ayodrew doesn’t have time for that, and he knows neither do you. The only negative is the LACK of his published works. Which I don’t fully understand. When listening to him, it’s clear he has a team behind him, what could possibly be the hindrance? Oh yeah…a virus shut the world down. Ayodrew is honest with his feelings on things, this is apparent in his tracks, ‘Die Young’ and ‘Better Days‘. Honest, and emotional to the point there are a few lines in ‘Better Days’ that come out sounding clunky. It was easily forgiven because you cannot help but put yourself in his own shoes.

Ayodrew, will not receive 5 BARKS. That being said, that is far from a bad thing. You see, as much as I love the music of anyone who’s received 5 BARKS., It is also an admission on myself and the artist’s behalf that, what they currently do and have is their very best. There is nowhere else to go. They’re already giving us their very best. Ayodrew on the other hand has five tracks on SoundCloud, three of those tracks reside on his Apple Music profile, and two reside as music videos on his YouTube. Where Ayodrew corners the game in his social media presence he lacks in resume. This frustrates me as a reviewer, but as a listener and new fan, it intrigues and excites me. I cannot wait to see what Ayodrew releases next.

*Ratings are purely my way to play God. They range from 1 to 5. 1 being not good and 5 being amazing. The ratings are in “BARKS.” because Heavy Brutus is a dog. Dogs bark. It makes sense. It’s the mascot of the whole thing. You can’t just back out now. You’ve created this arbitrary system, and you have to stick with it. You literally stick to nothing in your life, BARKS. is where it has to happen. No one reads these things anyway. Go on…ask me about BARKS. I fucking dare you.

Note: I’m a silly lil goose, and forgot to add the rating.

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