Pzeefire has big emotions.

Release of “Nobody”: 3.8/5 BARKS*

While Pzeefire has big emotions, his social media presence is not big. While that can be discouraging to some artists Pzeefire harnesses that and sees it as his opportunity to release music with as much creative freedom as possible. If you have found his music, it’s because he’s let you. Yes, he is signed but the publishing and recording company he’s signed to, is also delightfully underdog.

You’ll find his lyrics and vocabulary familiar and reminiscent of early Sean Paul, Wyclef, or even Sean Kingston. All fun artists who have contributed a lot musically, but I cannot help but think Pzeefire’s time has come and passed. Which is unfortunate because he’s passionate, all he wants to do is party, and not hurt no-body. That being said, Pzeefire is constantly evolving his sound is changing and growing with each new song he releases. My concern is, Is he evolving fast enough? To me, while his music is fun, it strikes me as slightly surface level. He’s been at this since 2014, he’s had some great releases from “Flashy Lights” (My personal favorite.), to “Nobody” (which sounds like it would play in a swanky hookah lounge.).

This of course, isn’t the end for Pzeefire. While I have some concerns I feel as he grows people will latch on to his sound; either to recapture the musical energy of the early/mid 2000’s, or for something to play at the cookout. Give him a listen. You wont regret it.

I will absolutely review his work in the future.

Pzeefire is available on: Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music. Pzeefire is also available on: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

* BARKS are a rating system. They range from 1 to 5. 1 being not so great, and 5 being wonderful. Ratings on artists are subject to change. Duh.

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