Inc Mo is an artist.

Artist Profile: 5/5 BARKS.*

That title is a perfect descriptor of the elusive Inc Mo. His social media is a digital marketing nightmare. No published Instagram, I THINK I know his actual first name, his Twitter is rarely kept up, and while he posts semi-regularly on TikTok there is still a wall between you, and him. He lets you know in the healthiest way possible, he isn’t here for your bullshit. Located in New York, Eli (which was learned via digging on his twitter) or Inc Mo as I know him. Spits bars in such a poetic and seamless way, that not only could make someone a fan of his, but a fan of the genre in general. His track listing on SoundCloud boasts a decent 37 (at the time of this posting). While I personally believe many of these tracks were not posted in accordance to their production (Meaning, I feel he may have uploaded earlier tracks later and vice versa) it is still apparent to me we’re listening to an artist at work finding his own sound. It’s fucking dope to hear him gain confidence in his message in tracks like: New World Order, Hand Me Downs, or even Sweet Tooth. While he leaves much to the imagination in his digital presence he puts his all into his music. Inc Mo in my opinion is of equal comparison to modern visual artists we see in MoMa. Inc Mo manages to produce something we all enjoy, while simultaneously reminding us only he can do it. Inc Mo recently released a track titled: BOO! It has a unique sound compared to the rest of his repertoire. It’s harder. It’s raw. It’s the kind of shit you blast in your car after a bad day. The beat is modern while the sound sampling reminds me of 00’s rap, reiterating their point because you have to fucking hear it.

Inc Mo can be discovered on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and AudioMack.

*Heavy Brutus will rate artists/songs based on a “Bark” Scale. 1 Bark being not good 5 being fantastic. (The mascot is a dog. It makes sense.)

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